Ben and Daichi travel to Kyoto, Japan

Ben and Daichi visited Kyoto University to learn about RNA-protein condensates from Hiro Saito and his student Sora Matsumoto. The visit was part of a recent SPIRITS grant (Supporting Program for Interaction-based Initiative Team Studies) aimed at developing an international collaboration focused on liquid-liquid phase separation in living systems. Thank you again to Hiro and Sora for the wonderful trip!


Alex wins the Berko Prize in Physics

Alex was selected by the Department of Physics as this year’s winner of the Berko Prize for his work on studying nucleation and growth of colloidal crystals. Congratulations, Alex! In addition to receiving a cash prize, Alex will present the first department colloquium of the fall semester.

Holiday party / game night

The group celebrates the holidays with a game night.

Another great SciFest

Larry, Olivia, Alfred, Nate, and Guoxi all presented their summer research at the 2018 Brandeis SciFest. Topics ranged from kinetics of biomolecular interactions, surface chemistry, molecular dynamics simulations, to lipid bilayer membranes. Great work all around!