Undergraduate research fellows join the lab for the summer by William Rogers

We are excited to have four new undergraduate students joining us for the summer: Larry Luster, Nathan Weber, Alfred Yeung, and Guoxi Zhu. Larry is an REU student from Hampton University in Virginia; Nathan is a student in the Quantitative Biology Research Community at Brandeis; Alfred is working on a collaborative project between the Rogers Lab and Ivanovic Lab, which is supported by a Provost's Research Award; and Guoxi is a Summer MRSEC Undergraduate Research Fellow. Welcome!

The lab welcomes 6 new students! by William Rogers

We are thrilled to have 6 new students joining the lab this summer: James Sheehy, Janna Lowensohn, and Huang Fang will join the lab as first-year PhD students in Physics; Shira Rosenberg and Gabe Freiman join as undergraduate research assistants from the QBReC program; and Kess Ofunrein joins as an REU student from Hampton University. Welcome!