DNA linkers

Linker-mediated phase behavior of DNA-coated colloids
J. Lowensohn, B. Oyarzun, G. Narvaez Paliza, B. M. Mognetti, W. B. Rogers
arXiv, (2019) 1902.08883
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Melting on heating

Using DNA strand displacement to control interactions in DNA-grafted colloids
E. W. Gehrels, W. B. Rogers, V. N. Manoharan
Soft Matter, 14 (2018) 969-984
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Effects of contact-line pinning on the adsorption of nonspherical colloids at liquid interfaces
A. Wang, W. B. Rogers, V. N. Manoharan
Physical Review Letters, 119 (2017) 108004
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Tunable color

Photonic-crystal hydrogels with a rapidly tunable stop band and high reflectivity across the visible
J.-G. Park, W. B. Rogers, S. Magkiriadou, T. Kodger, S.-H. Kim, Y.-S. Kim, V. N. Manoharan
Optical Materials Express, 7 (2017) 253-263
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Fuzzy sphere

Using DNA to program the self-assembly of colloidal nanoparticles and microparticles
W. B. Rogers, W. M. Shih, V. N. Manoharan
Nature Reviews Materials, 1 (2016) 16008
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Before 2016

Programming colloidal phase transitions with DNA strand displacement
W. B. Rogers and V. N. Manoharan
Science, 347 (2015) 639-642
See also the perspective in Nature Materials

Breaking trade-offs between translucency and diffusion in particle-doped films
W. B. Rogers, M. Corbett, S. Magkiriadou, P. Guarillof, V. N. Manoharan
Optical Materials Express, 4 (2014) 2621-2631

A tunable line optical tweezers instrument with nanometer spatial resolution
W. B. Rogers and J. C. Crocker
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Kinetics and non-exponential binding of DNA-coated colloids
W. B. Rogers, T. Sinno, and J. C. Crocker
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Driving diffusionless transformations in colloidal crystals using DNA handshaking
M. T. Ung, R. T. Scarlett, W. B. Rogers, I. Jenkins, T. Sinno, J. C. Crocker
Nature Communications, 3 (2012) 1209

Reply to Mognetti et al.: DNA handshaking interaction data are well described by mean-field and molecular models
W. B. Rogers and J. C. Crocker
PNAS, 109 (2012) E380.

Direct measurements of DNA-mediated colloidal interactions and their quantitative modeling
W. B. Rogers and J. C. Crocker
PNAS, 108 (2011) 15687-15692

Producing monodisperse drug-loaded polymer microspheres via cross-flow membrane emulsification
R. F. Meyer, W. B. Rogers, M. T. McClendon, J. C. Crocker
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Nobel metal free NOx storage catalysts using cobalt discovered via high-throughput experimentation
R. Vijay, S. Rivera, W. B. Rogers, B. J. Feist, C. M. Snively, J. Lauterbach
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Development and optimization of NOx storage and reduction catalysts using statistically guided high-throughput experimentation
R. J. Hendershot, W. B. Rogers, C. M. Snively, B. A. Ogunnaike, J. Lauterbach
Catalysis Today, 98 (2004) 375-385