Holiday party / game night

The group celebrates the holidays with a game night.

Another great SciFest

Larry, Olivia, Alfred, Nate, and Guoxi all presented their summer research at the 2018 Brandeis SciFest. Topics ranged from kinetics of biomolecular interactions, surface chemistry, molecular dynamics simulations, to lipid bilayer membranes. Great work all around!

New undergraduates join the lab

We are excited to have four new undergraduate students joining us for the summer: Larry Luster, Nathan Weber, Alfred Yeung, and Guoxi Zhu. Larry is an REU student from Hampton University in Virginia; Nathan is a student in the Quantitative Biology Research Community at Brandeis; Alfred is working on a collaborative project between the Rogers Lab and Ivanovic Lab, which is supported by a Provost's Research Award; and Guoxi is a Summer MRSEC Undergraduate Research Fellow. Welcome!